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Moscow Polytech
20 February 2018

Vladimir Miklushevskiy visited the Children’s Technopark of the Engineering Development Center

February 20 Vladimir Miklushevskiy visited the Children’s Technopark of the Moscow Poly Engineering Development Center and inspected laboratories “Automobile design and calculations”, Transport design”, “Aerospace engineering” and “Self-driven vehicles”.

In the laboratory “Aerospace engineering” schoolchildren will be engaged mainly in designing satellites. Working with constructors, children will study basic components of satellite devices, and, as well, create prototypes of satellites. For example, one of the tasks will be to program the equipment that simulates the Earth remote sensing. The knowledge, received at this course, will be handy for the future engineers both at the NTI Olympiad, the finals of which take place in the educational center “Sirius”, and at the competitions in the WorldSkills format.

In the laboratory “Self-driven vehicles” the schoolchildren will work with an Arduino-like board on the base of educational constructors EDUVEL and Aurora, they will get acquainted with the algorithms of video processing and computer vision technologies. The children’s training set EDUVEL consists of the components, simulating real car parts in the scale 1:1. By using this constructor children will get a complete understanding of how a car works. While on the module constructor Aurora they will learn the skills of assembling, control and programming self-driven vehicles.

In the laboratory “Automobile design and calculations” children will be trained on the educational set EDUCAR. It consists of components, simulating car parts in the scale 1:8. On this direction they will acquire the knowledge of the main engineering principles. Educational constructors EDUVEL and EDUCAR have been developed in the Engineering Development Center of the Moscow Poly. The course will be arranged with the use of the virtual reality format.

In the laboratory “Transport design” the schoolchildren will pass a full cycle of training in design – from drawing sketches and creation of 3D models on computer to reflecting by drawing the new interesting forms and solutions for the needs and objectives of a consumer. The educational program for the Children’s Technopark was developed by the Laboratory Assistant of Department “Design” of the Moscow Poly Anna Popova.

Training programs of the Children’s Technopark of the Moscow Poly are designed for schoolchildren from 14 to 17 years of age. Classes will start in the middle of March and will be held at Lefortovskiy Val St., 26. The course on one direction lasts for 1 semester.

To enroll call 8-495-223-05-23, ext. 1558, 8-915-002-72-51, or send e-mail to









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