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Moscow Polytech
15 February 2018

Startups of the Moscow Poly Master Course students have been supported by the accelerator NUMA

Startups of the Master Course students of the Faculty of technological entrepreneurship – Elena Yermoshina and Semen Karpov – have been selected by the international accelerator NUMA. The system of cost calculation for parts manufacturing in processing production “Absolute” and a project of a smart microwave oven “Smart Microwave” received expert and investment support.

The semifinals and the finals of the contest took place at the Moscow office of NUMA. Participants presented their projects in English. As a result of the contest both projects by the Master Course students were selected for the accelerator.

“It is very important for us that the jury members believed in our projects. The acceleration program of NUMA provides a comprehensive help and support to young entrepreneurs: consultations of the Russian and foreign mentors, an opportunity to get in touch with major international companies, investments”, - says the Moscow Poly Master Course student Elena Yermoshina. – “Together with the partner we have already compiled a plan for the project development, having defined directions, at which we did not pay attention earlier”.

According to the rules of education at the Master Course, the students are supposed to think of and develop a startup of their own, solving some technology problem. The system of the cost calculation for parts manufacturing “Absolute” will allow the processing enterprises to automate the processing and the calculation of the order cost, thus reducing the time and material expenditures. The “Smart Microwave” is a microwave oven, equipped with a neuron grid. It scans the product, determines its physical parameters on its own and, basing on that, chooses a heating mode. In everyday life the development enables easy and fast heating of a product up to any required temperature, whether it is a yogurt or a baby food. The technology can also be used in automotive industry, aircraft industry, for manufacture of composite materials.

NUMA is not the first contest where Elena and Semen take part during their studies at the Master Course. The teachers helped them to process an application for the program “Egghead” of the Foundation for Innovations Support, and the project “Absolute” won a grant and was distinguished by representatives of the United Shipbuilding Corporation. It turned out that the ship-building industry is also interested in solution of the problems of calculating the incoming orders, and the students were invited to the company office to discuss a plan for cooperation. While the project “Smart Microwave” interested the woodworking enterprises, because the microwave exposure allows to dry the timber, as well as curing of the polymer binders in the composite materials. At present the developed prototype awaits to be tested at production sites.

Within two years of the Master Course the students conducted a huge work on their projects, having taken advice from the experts of over 200 companies. “The first rule of an entrepreneur – try and understand, whether the market needs your project. Best of all to take an existing problem as a starting point, but not an idea – then there are more chances that the project will be successful”, - considers Elena.









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