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Moscow Polytech
15 February 2018

A quest for schoolchildren In love with engineering was held at the Moscow Poly

February 14 the Moscow Poly Engineering School (faculty) held a profession-oriented quest “In love with engineering”. Senior schoolchildren answered questions on the knowledge of engineering specialties and solved non-standard problems in physics.

The traditional event of the faculty is aimed at improving popularity of engineering. More than 100 schoolchildren of engineering classes took part in the holiday. This time children were grouped in teams to fight for the scores-hearts. The winners were the participants that collected most of all “hearts” from the teachers for correct answers to the questions. The quest was developed by students of the 3rd course, studying on the training direction “Management” in the framework of their project activity.

“Such events allow to define the direction for training and, besides, to get acquainted with like-minded people, and sometimes even to add them to the team of one’s engineering project”, - says Deputy Dean of the Moscow Poly Engineering School Elena Krasnoslobodtseva. – “In the introductory part we told children about the engineering competitions, which will help them to immerse just now in their future profession. And, as well, about importance of the project activity for specialists of engineering training directions”.

The children, visiting the Transport faculty, could understand what industrial design is about and try their abilities in development of a logo for a car of the future. What differs a screw from an anchor bolt, or a nut from a stud? – children had to answer these and other questions at the Faculty of engineering. In the engineering version of the game “Guess a word” they had to explain to other participants of their team the word “LED” or the name of the programming language “Python”.

What happens if a balloon is placed into a flask with liquid nitrogen and then taken out – the senior schoolchildren could learn it by solving the riddles of teachers of the Faculty of chemical technologies and biotechnology. While by guessing the rebus of the teachers of the faculty of urban problems and municipal economy the children trained in making electric circuits. The final stage of the game took place at the IT faculty. Children had to explain correctly the abbreviations CAD, WEB, etc. The event ended with awarding of souvenirs and holiday tea.









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