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Moscow Polytech
9 February 2018

The Moscow Poly celebrated the 10th anniversary of the literary studio Polygraphomania

February 12 an evening, devoted to the 10th anniversary of the literary studio and a creative project of the Higher School of Printing and Media Industry of the Moscow Poly “Polygraphomania” was held. Students and graduates read from the scene poems and prose of their own composition. Well-known poets, translators and literary critics came to congratulate the participants with the 10th anniversary of the studio and the publication of the third almanac.

Acting Rector of the Moscow Poly Vladimir Miklushevskiy opened the evening. According to him, the old-standing discussion between so called “physics” and “lyric poets” has been successfully solved at the Moscow Poly. Students from science-and-technology training directions and those from humanities work jointly on common projects, and the work of each group is equally important and respected. One of examples of that is creation of a book. Owing to the project-oriented learning, the students write texts and make drawings, develop a layout of the future edition and fonts, prepare the text version. Vladimir Miklushevskiy congratulated the audience on the holiday and wished participants of the studio to have new successful projects.

A poet and a literary critic Danila Davydov also mentioned the significance of creative work. “I would like to remind the culture of the Soviet literary communities – “LiTo”, from which, of course, a lot of graphomania originated, but where splendid things were produced as well. Currently there are no more such communities, but practically every university has some kind of a hangout, a “samizdat”. “Polygraphomania” is the only example of a creative community, that has announced about itself as of a literature site. Perhaps because these are the people working on creation of a book and understanding the importance of their work”, - he said.

Head of the studio Georgiy Vekshin presented the third edition of the Moscow Poly students’ poetry and prose almanac “Polygraphomania” to the audience. It had been released by the publishers “Ripoll Classic”. He also told the audience about new projects. One of them is a media laboratory of a book of poetry, where students from different training directions create multimedia publishing products: it can be a book-game, an interactive quest or a map of a poetic text. Professor emphasized that all events around the studio are devoted to the word. “I am glad that there are people around me, who want to devote themselves to exploration as philologists, and, as well, to create something new”, - said Head of the studio.

During the decade of its existence the “Polygraphomania” brought up many talented authors and creative unions. Many students, whose poems were published in the first collected papers of the almanac, even now continue to participate in the life of the studio. Thus, the graduates, and now the university teachers Grigoriy Sherstnev and Petr Bem were among the founders of the project. In addition, laureates of poetry contests, authors of their own creative projects Sergey Geichenko and Evgeniy Yelkoyev performed their compositions. The highlight of the evening was a performance of the experimental folklore ensemble “Come-on!”. It sang the songs of the peoples of Russia in modern arrangement and ended the concert with incendiary joking couplets.









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