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Moscow Polytech
12 February 2018

The quest of the Space Flight community received a grant for winning the contest of youth projects

February 9 the names of the winners of the All-Russian Contest of Youth Projects became known. One of the winner projects was the quest of the science popularizers’ community “The Space Flight”, while the Moscow Poly is its partner for the fourth year running. The quest organizers will get the grant of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, amounting to 200 000 rubles, for development of the project.

The science popularizers’ community “The Space Flight” holds the events to involve children in the scientific-and-technical creative work, by means of telling them in an interactive format about aviation and space. A youth quest under this name was held twice at the Moscow Poly, and last year over 300 people took part in it. Many participants came to the quest with their families, together with their colleagues, friends or class-mates. At the events of the community one can get acquainted with real aviators or cosmonauts, learn many interesting facts from the history of human exploration of the outer air and space and just have fun. The popularizers plan to spend the grant on making the tasks even more complicated and interesting, and the prizes – more attractive.

The All-Russian Contest of Youth Projects attracted more than seven thousand people. The participants presented projects, aimed at supporting the gifted youth and involving young people in creative activity and social life. The expertise was arranged in the online mode on the platform of the automated information system “The youth of Russia”. All in all, 237 federal experts were engaged in juries, 3 experts per project. The juries were evaluating the works by several criteria, like relevance, creativity, efficiency, proper address, practical usage, the scale of the work, public influence, etc.









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