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Moscow Polytech
7 February 2018

The Ural students made a smart glove at the hackathon of the NTI Olympiad

February 4 in the technopark “The University” of the Ural Federal University (UrFU) a hackathon was held “New materials and sensors” as per the tracks of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Olympiad. The competition opened a series of engineering events devoted to preparation to the finals of the Olympiad for Schoolchildren of the Sverdlovsk region. The hackathon was run by the methodologist of the Moscow Poly faculty “Engineering School”, the NTI Olympiad Curator Olga Shabalina.

Olga developed the scenario of the “New materials and sensors” hackathon jointly with a Moscow Poly FabLab resident Vlad Shirokov. According to the task the participants had to assemble a smart glove on the “Arduino” platform. It is a device with a function of gesture recognition for remote control of instruments. A similar hackathon was earlier held at the Moscow Poly.

“The hackathon has united two profiles of the NTI Olympiad at once – “Self-driven transport systems” and “Smart house. Electronic engineering”, and it requires the skills, currently important for participants. In particular, they are soldering, knowledge of electronics, programing for “Arduino”, circuit design, working with wireless modules”, - says Olga Shabalina. – “The work lasted 8 hours, but, as the participants confessed, they would not mind extending it by another couple of days. The winner was a team from the Ural Radio College named after A. S. Popov. They managed to develop a glove that recognized gestures and transmitted the type of the signal along the wireless communication channel”.

Schoolchildren work with the simplest electronic circuits, get acquainted in practice with the basic physics laws and learn programming. Children acquire teamwork skills under conditions of a deadline.

The hackathons in engineering training directions are held from the 3rd to the 11th of February. All in all, the competitions in 6 tracks will take place at the site “The University”: “Self-driven transport systems”, “Smart house. Electronic engineering”, “Intelligent robotic systems”. “Big data and machine learning”. The winners of the hackathons will receive invitations to the project shifts at UrFU, EC “Golden section”, and to the regional shift for the intellectually gifted senior schoolchildren “TechnoLeader”. The organizers of the Ural hackathon of the NTI engineering Olympiad are the NTI clubs’ movement of the Sverdlovsk region and the festival “A City of Techno Creative Work”.









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