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Moscow Polytech
6 February 2018

A Moscow Poly student is a holder of a scholarship of the Russian President

A student of the Faculty of Urban Studies and Urban Management Vitaliy Kuksa receives a scholarship of the President as a winner of the All-Russian Schoolchildren Olympiad 2016 in technology. Engineering skills, which helped Vitaliy to become an Olympiad winner, are very handy for work at his own project in the framework of project activity at the university. While the monthly scholarship allows to devote more time to research and technical creative work.

The task at the All-Russian Schoolchildren Olympiad in technology consists of theory, practice and creative problems. A participant must be able to solve tests and, also, be aware of the manufacturing process of various products and display to the jury a development of his own. For the Olympiad Vitaly made an electric smoking oven for fast cooking of cold smoking products, using dielectrics. According to the developer, the installation allows faster and cheaper smoking than on similar industrial devices. In addition, a special grid of the electric smoking oven filters the smoke, thus protecting the food from harmful substances.

One of conditions for having the Presidential scholarship is being enrolled to the full-time budget form of education. Vitaliy Kuksa chose the Moscow Poly for his studies. The center for additional education of the Krasnodar Region “The Center for Development of Gifts” – the regional coordinator of the All-Russian Senior Schoolchildren Olympiad – helped him to process the documents, required to enter the university.

Now the student takes part in the development of tasks for talented schoolchildren, including those for the competitions “The Engineering Start”, arranged by the Moscow Poly faculty “The Engineering School”. Also, he is engaged in development of his own projects on the direction “Energy” in the framework of the project activity at the university. Together with course-mates, Vitaly has created a stand for energy router, fueled by solar energy, and currently works on designing of vertical type wind generator.









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