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Moscow Polytech
5 February 2018

The Moscow Poly undergraduates will present their startup at an international contest

The project “L’Amourante” by undergraduates of the Moscow Poly went into the finals of the international contest of innovative agrotechnical startups Agro Challenge 2018 to be held in Turkey on the14th-16th of April. The startup on production and distribution of the amaranth oil has become one of the two projects by young Russian scientists, selected for participation in the international summit “Global Agripreneurs” in Istanbul.

The project “L’Amourante” was a result of the work of a student team at the first semester of Master course at the faculty of technological entrepreneurship, arranged jointly with the Shiffers Institute. The startup team sees as their goal a launch of the grid of amaranth oil extraction and fresh oil sales points. Useful properties of the oil depend directly on its freshness. As a result of oxidation, the healing substances concentration can drop by more than 4 times after a month of storing.

“There is a global objective in front of our project – development of the amaranth industry in Russia”, - says the project leader Anna Ogloblina. – “Amaranth is a unique culture, rich in protein and squalene. The squalene is a strongest antioxidant, which could be produced previously only from the liver of deep-water sharks. To produce the oil, a most tender technology is used, that of direct cold extraction, avoiding a contact of raw material with metal. It allows not to warm up the product and thus preserve its useful properties”. Currently the project team, including one of the leading specialists in technology of growing and processing the amaranth Lidia Miroshnichenko (the company “RusOliva”), is engaged in development of packaging. A glassware of required quality is not produced in Russia, and that is why negotiations are on with suppliers from Germany and China.

Developments from over 60 countries got into the finals of the contest, devoted to revival of the agricultural industry. The event allows to draw attention of young people to agriculture as a basis for the global economic growth of the world industry, to improve the quality of products. The meeting with investors, the private sector, government and other interested parties will help talented developers to gain support from experts and enter new markets. And, as well, to struggle for the title “The Agripreneur of the Year” and a cash prize.

Congratulations to participants of the project: undergraduates Anna Ogloblina and Emil Boyazitov, Yulia Afanasyeva, Dayana Gadeyeva and Sergey Karasev, and, also, the architect of the program from the Shiffers Institute Marianna Belinskaya, curator Olga Glazunova! And our wishes of success at the contest to the students, as well as in promotion of their technological business.









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