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Moscow Polytech
5 February 2018

A Moscow Poly Teacher has been awarded a Presidential grant

Results of the contest to receive a grant of the President of the Russian Federation for 2018-2020 for young scientists, engaged in promising research and development on priority directions of the Russian economy modernization have been summarized.

A Teacher of Department “Materials Science” of the Mechanical engineering faculty Asif Omarov took part in the contest with a work “Receipt and study of highly concentrated nanomodified astringent suspensions for manufacture of large-size products of a complex form” within the direction “Technical and engineering sciences”.

Asif Omarov has developed and patented a new method to produce nanodispersion powders of aluminum doped with various elements. On the basis of obtained results a technology was developed to produce highly concentrated nanomodified suspensions (HCNS) to manufacture large-size ceramic products of a complex form for different areas of industry.

The young scientist had been engaged in similar studies earlier as well. With his participation a technology was developed and patented in 2009 at the Moscow Poly, which led to obtaining of new aluminum-oxide ceramic materials. “Ceramics, produced from such a powder, has both high strength and high heat resistance”, says Asif. To date, more than twenty various ceramic and metal-ceramic materials have been patented, whose properties exceed on different indicators those of usual ones by 30 times.

Asif Omarov explores the possibility of obtaining HCNS basing on various materials of natural and technogenic origin. “Currently we are working on creation of new highly concentrated nanomodified astringent suspensions on the basis of the method of chemical dispersing of aluminum alloys”, - says the Moscow Poly Teacher. – “They can be used to manufacture refractory ceramic products of complex forms”.









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