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Moscow Polytech
18 January 2018

Vladimir Miklushevskiy visited the Higher School of Printing and Media Industry

January 17 Acting Rector Vladimir Miklushevskiy met with Directors of the Institutes and Teachers of the Moscow Poly Higher School of Printing and Media Industry.

The meeting was attended by Acting Director of the HSPMI Ekaterina Khokhlogorskaya, Director of the Institute of Printed Media and IT Aleksey Vinokur, Director of the Institute of Communications and Media Business Galina Stepanova, Director of the Institute of Engraving and Book Art named after V. A. Favorskiy Oleg Korytov, Director of the Institute of Publishing and Journalism Aleksey Stoliarov, Director of the Institute of Open Education Dmitriy Popov. They told Vladimir Miklushevskiy about the Institutes and Departments, comprising the School, how the educational process is arranged and what distinguishes the HSPMI graduates.

The HSPMI students are oriented at making their diploma project look as a product, ready for implementation to a maximum degree. It is especially pronounced in publishing. A student demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge in his diploma work: he performs as an author and a compiling author, manufactures a layout, conducts economic calculations and prepares a plan for a promotion campaign. As the teachers report, not less than five diploma works get printed immediately after the presentation procedure. In addition, even if a specific project does not arouse a serious interest, in most cases the publishers are prepared to cooperate with its author. “In my opinion, the fact that we are ready to present a product, prepared for implementation, when it is a diploma project, is our serious competitive advantage”, - remarked Vladimir Miklushevskiy. – “We should reach a situation when as many as possible diploma projects are carried out for real customers”.

In general, according to Acting Rector, a special attention should be devoted to interaction with an employer. In particular, studying the market demand in detail can allow to make requirements to graduates more specific and thus improve the education quality. Vladimir Miklushevskiy mentioned as well that it is necessary to involve industrial experts in the educational process and to arrange events, where successful entrepreneurs and top managers would be invited lecturers.

The next stage in acquaintance of Acting Rector with the Higher School of Printing and Media Industry was a guided tour to laboratories of electronic microscopy, colored lithograph and intellectual systems, the center for publishing-and-printing and the library-information center, Department of Artistic and Technical Processing of Printed Matter (ATPPM), the student media center “The Echo of the Poly”. The staff of the ATPPM Department expressed their wishes concerning creation of new computer classrooms in addition to existing ones, while the employees of the library-information center spoke of the need to add the book reserves. Also, a forum of audio-visual arts “Copper” was presented to Vladimir Miklushevskiy, he was told about the stages in production of books, pictures and graphic drawings, and shown the best student works.









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