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Moscow Polytech
19 January 2018

Vladimir Miklushevskiy in the Center for Engineering Development

January 18 Acting Rector visited the laboratories of the Moscow Poly Center for Engineering Development. Senior students and employees of the Center took Vladimir Miklushevskiy on a guided tour to laboratories of the CED and presented to him the leading projects of the Transport faculty.

Transport faculty Dean Pablo Iturralde told him about history of the student team “FDR Moscow. It is already 11 years that students construct a new prototype annually for the international competition “Formula Student”, and in parallel equipment of the CED laboratories is being finalized. During these years the students went throughout all Europe with their racing cars and gained the highest rating among Russian teams. This year the project is entering great sports and will present its prototype at the car racing for durability “Endurance Challenge”. The automobile of the ”CN” class is under construction by a joint team with a MAMI graduate, legendary sport cars “Marusia” designer Igor Yermilin.

Most of the parts – around 80% - are being created by the students within the university premises with participation of sponsors and partner companies. There is a high-tech industrial equipment available in open access at the laboratory of mechanical processing. The parts are processed at turning and milling CNC machine tools, while a 3D scanner and a 3D printer enable high accuracy in work or in defining causes of wear and tear.

The laboratory of composite materials is helpful for creation of parts of carbon- and glass plastics. In addition, work on a social project of association “Avtonet” – a car for people with disabilities – will be conducted here. One more international project of the transport faculty is the student competition Smart Moto”. In the “Smart Moto” laboratory the students design electric bikes. The project leader Semen Zemtsev told the visitors how students are selected for participation in competitions and demonstrated prototypes of tricycles and electric mopeds, constructed annually by first-year students. Vladimir Miklushevskiy was especially interested to see lithium-ion batteries for electric bikes. He said that during his studies on the post-graduate course he dealt with lithium chemical current sources and mentioned that since then technologies have advanced greatly.









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