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Moscow Polytech
22 January 2018

Drone-taxis, robot judges and snow fights at the winter Engineering School

From January 18 to 21 the Moscow Poly Engineering School (faculty) held a hackathon for Moscow schoolchildren. In the territory of the House of Teachers “Povedniki” in the Moscow suburbs the children solved engineering cases for real customers and worked on their own projects under the guidance of supervisors.


The retreat project school was devoted to technologies of the future. Fifty Moscow schoolchildren, oriented at an engineering career, who had gone through a contest selection, arrived at Povedniki in order to try themselves in a role of inventors and developers. “We tested a new format of work at this project school. Children had to propose an alternative way for further development of a knowledge-intensive high-tech company within a limited period of time. The team, which would put forward the most interesting and well-developed task, would get an opportunity to join the customer for a common work on the project”, - told us Dean of the Engineering School (faculty) Andrey Andriushkov.

One of the cases at the competition was prepared by participants of the project “Orbita”, which had grown from the educational game under the same name, devoted to the launch to outer space and landing of a satellite. At present the “Orbita” team is engaged in development of the professional version of a simulator for industrial enterprises, interested in testing the satellites in a virtual environment. During the School the project was presented by one of its authors – Deputy Dean of the Moscow Poly Engineering School (faculty), the Program Secretary of the National Technology Initiative Olympiad Aleksey Fedoseyev.

While Olga Shabalina, a methodologist of the Engineering School and a Curator of the NTI Olympiad, conducted the brain storming on development of the final task of the Olympiad profile “Autonomous transport systems (ATS)”. It was the first time when senior schoolchildren were developers and not just performers of an Olympiad task. They were supposed to choose an advanced technology in the area of self-driven vehicles and develop a model, close to it, enabling for them solution of a task, close to a real one. Since the ATS profile deals with mobility of the future, children took as a guidance the project of the Uber company in using load-carrying drones as a city public means of transport. The hackathon winners will join the team of developers of the Olympiad profile – now it will depend on them, what task will be offered for solution to the finalists of the NTI Olympiad in 2019.

Besides solution of the tasks, prepared by the organizers, the participants were making final elaborations on their own projects, with which they plan to take part in this year’s engineering competitions. The supervisors distinguished among the strongest developments the automated polygon for robotic competitions. The project will help to minimize the human factor during judging and reduce costs of arranging competitions. Many developments will be shown at the Moscow City contest of research and project works to be held again in 2018 at the Moscow Poly site.









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