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Moscow Polytech
11 January 2018

The finals of the NTI Olympiad, Open Day and preparation to accreditation were discussed at the Dean’s Hour

January 11, at the first meeting in the format of a “Dean’s Hour” at the Moscow Poly in 2018, Acting Rector Vladimir Miklushevskiy discussed current issues of educational activity with representatives of the university administration, Deans and Institutes’ Directors.

The agenda contains preparation of the university to accreditation, planned for February of 2018, an Open Day on January 27 and, as well, participation in the Olympiad of the National Technology Initiative and the project shift “Big Challenges” at the educational center “Sirius”.

The Open Day of the Moscow Poly will be held January 27 at two sites at once: at Bolshaya Semenovskaya St., 38, and at Prianishnikova St., 2A. Representatives of all educational divisions of the university are preparing for applicants and their parents the exhibition of student and schoolchildren’s projects, guided tours to laboratories, and profession-oriented master classes. In addition, consultations on the current admission rules of the Moscow Poly and meetings with the Deans and Institutes’ Directors are awaiting the guests.

Dean of the faculty “Engineering School” Andrey Andriushkov told the meeting participants about joint projects with the educational center “Sirius”, planned for 2018. Preparation to the finals of the NTI Olympiad and to the summer shift “Big Challenges” was also under discussion.

The NTI Olympiad has been established on the initiative of three polytechnic universities: the Moscow one, the Petersburg, and the Tomsk one. This is one of the first Russian Olympiads for future engineers and researchers, recognized also by universities and the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia (is included in the RSOSh list). Its participants solve problems not just on paper but in practice, by means of inventing and creating operating prototypes of devices at the intersection of disciplines, beyond the framework of the school curriculum. According to Andrey Andriushkov, the Moscow Poly has developed and now is supervising two profiles of the Olympiad – “Autonomous transportation systems” and “Engineering biological systems”. In addition, the faculty of engineering of the Moscow Poly, together with the StPPU, develops the tasks for the profile “Advanced production technologies”. All three training directions will be presented in the finals of the NTI Olympiad to be held from the 24th to 27th of February in Sochi.

In addition, a shift of the project educational program “Big Challenges” will take place in “Sirius” in July 2018. During a month children will be solving cases in 12 scientific directions in the format of hackathon, among which there will be bio- and nano technologies, self-driven vehicles and big data. Last year the Moscow Poly became a co-organizer of the direction “Science”, where 400 pupils of 8-10 grades took part.

Vladimir Miklushevskiy mentioned that it is very important to conduct work with gifted children, students, post-graduate students, because the issue of replenishing the professors-and-teachers and administration staffs by young personnel, involving the talented youth in research activity, is an objective, significant for every university.

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