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Moscow Polytech
27 December 2017

A children’s technopark was opened at the Moscow Poly

December 25 a children’s technopark of the Centre for Engineering Development was opened at the Moscow Poly. Self-driven vehicles and spacecrafts, the projects in transport design and aviation designing – all this the schoolchildren will be able to create on the basis of four laboratories of the technopark.

Head of Department for Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow Aleksey Fursin opened the technopark. According to him, a child, gradually moving from a laboratory to a laboratory, will be able to implement his dream, covering the way from a sketch of a device to a prototype. “Behind every vehicle there is a huge work of engineers, constructors, designers. And one has to learn to do this kind of work. It is possible to gain the basic knowledge, required for mastering these professions, in the Moscow Poly children’s technopark”, - says Aleksey Fursin. He also mentioned that a child can continue education within the chosen profession by enrolling at the Moscow Poly.

On the basis of the technopark the studies will be arranged in the training directions “Car designing and calculations”, “Transport design”, “Aerospace engineering” and “Self-driven vehicles”. The students will learn about engineering and the principles of its application in the automotive industry, will acquire practical skills in designing means of transportation. While by using modern training constructors the schoolchildren will study physics-and-mathematical basics of astronautics, 3D modeling and prototyping. They will also gain basic knowledge of electrical and radio engineering, designing spacecrafts, will learn programming of micro controllers, will get acquainted with video processing and technologies of computer vision.

The students also will be able to try themselves in a role of automotive engineers. According to Head of the Center for Engineering Development Pablo Iturralde, the teachers’ goal is explaining the automotive theory in such a way that children would not be frightened by new terms, having entered the university. In the course of the all-round learning a child studies theory and, as well, can train in managing the racing car simulator or disassemble and assemble a simplified model of an engine. For training of schoolchildren the constructors “Educar” and “Eduvel” will be used, that simulate real parts of a car, the self-driven romobiles “Union Standard”, the training constructors of the spacecraft models, the milling and lathe machine tools and other devices. Participants of the first master classes at the technopark were the best schoolchildren from engineering classes of Moscow schools.

In addition to learning the basics, students of the new children’s technopark will be able to get prepared to engineering Olympiads. The best graduates will be given additional scores for admission to universities and a guaranteed employment at high-tech partner companies of the technopark.

The children’s technopark of the Moscow Poly Center for Engineering Development has been built with support of the Department for Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the Moscow City. The system of children’s technoparks will put together the possibilities of universities, industrial enterprises and centers for innovative creative work of young people for the sake of training of qualified engineering personnel.

The curricula are designated for schoolchildren of 14-17 years of age. The classes will begin in February and will be held at the Lefortovsky val St., 26, approximately 2 times a week. Duration of a course in one direction is a semester.

Telephone number: 8-495-223-05-23, ext. 1558; 8-915-002-72-51.


Classes location: Moscow, Lefortovsky val St., 26.









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