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Moscow Polytech
15 December 2017

Futsal teams of the Moscow Poly are the best in Europe

Over the past two weeks the women’s and men’s futsal teams of the Moscow Poly won in several European competitions at once. December 9 the girls returned to Moscow with a victory at the European Championship. And December 13 the men’s team took the European Super Cup.

The women’s team “MosPolytech” competed with their European opponents in Spain from December 3 to 9. At the European Championship the girls fought with players from Belgium, Norway, Spain and Russia. “The Belgian team led a tough game in the manner of power, that only encouraged our girls”, - says the coach of our team Aleksandr Pleshakov. – “As a result of four matches the “MosPolytech” scored 76 goals and conceded just 2. We train 6 days a week and advance faster than our rivals. We get prepared thoroughly, working out the strategy, and change the tactics if the plan does not work”.

Our men’s team is successful at the international arena as well. December 13 the team won the European Super Cup in Czechia, beating the hosts of the playground “Chemcomex” Praha in both matches with the score 5:3 and 7:2. According to a player of the “MosPolytech” Vlad Akhukov, tall players of the Czech team were imposing the struggle, but our sportsmen have always been known for their agility and well-coordinated team game. “We faced a worthy opponent, but today we are a more competent, cohesive and strong team. Having analyzed our rival’s game, in the second match we completely controlled the course of the game”, - says Vlad Akhukov.

Congratulations to the teams of the Moscow Poly and their leaders in connection with their performance at the European and the world arenas.









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