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21 December 2017

Students had a battle in solving non-standard problems at a mathematical Olympiad УIn the mindФ

December 18 an Interuniversity Team Olympiad in Mathematics “In the mind” was held. It was arranged by the teachers of Department “Mathematics” of the Moscow Poly. To demonstrate their non-standard thinking in solving project-and-research problems the students of 1-4 courses of the Financial University at the Government of the RF came to the competition, as well as students of the RSU of oil and gas named after I. M. Gubkin and of the Moscow Poly. The undisputed leader of the competition was a team of the second-course students from the Moscow Poly, studying on the specialty “Cryogen and refrigerating equipment”.

Teachers of Department “Mathematics” conducted additional classes for those who wanted to take part in the competition. During trainings the participants were offered to solve problems with ingenuity in the format of the game “What? Where? When?”. As a result of an open discussion the think-tank of a future team was defined, and the roles were distributed.

Since there were too many students, wishing to take part, the teachers held a qualifying round and thus formed the faculty teams. According to the coach of the winner-team, Associate Professor of Department “Mathematics” of the Moscow Poly Mikhail Bogdanov, the success of the competition is explained by a free format. Each student attended preparatory classes as he wished, the problems were aimed at checking up ingenuity, not just the learnt material. “In my opinion, what caused such enthusiasm of the students was an opportunity to learn to solve non-standard problems, when nobody demands from them anything and does not evaluate the results with assessments. Owing to interesting tasks and various formats the students get noticeably relaxed: immediately a thought flight appears and a sporting passion”, - considers Mikhail Bogdanov.

All in all, 8 teams took part in the full-time part of the Olympiad. The competition consisted of 4 rounds according to the complexity level of the tasks. In each round the participants had to solve 5-6 problems within a certain time span. For simple problems just a minute was given, for more complicated ones – up to 5 minutes. After each round the moderator explained the solution, while the jury was leading scoring. It is interesting that a leader did not change during the whole game, though each part had its own prize-winners.

Non-formal student team competitions in mathematics are held at the Moscow Poly already for the third time. The competitions are aimed at encouraging mathematic and project creativity, motivation to study engineering sciences and development of unconventional thinking.

The next student team Olympiad in mathematics - “The Wits Battle”-  will be held in May of 2018.  We invite everyone to participate!









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