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Moscow Polytech
15 December 2017

The Moscow Poly showed a Smart Greenhouse and a robot-bartender at the exhibition Vuzpromexpo

December 13 and 14 the Russian universities, research institutes and industrial enterprises presented their newest developments at the fifth annual exhibition “Vuzpronexpo-2017”. At the stand of the Moscow Poly a bionic robo-arm, a Smart Greenhouse”, a robot-bartender, a racing car and an electric bike were presented.

The “Smart Greenhouse” is a development of the IT faculty student Nikita Samoylov. The idea of the project is to control growth of vegetable cultures by means of a cloud platform “GreenPL IoT” and regulate the temperature and soil humidity in any weather. “The whole process can be automated. The program will be guided by sensors or by the time and will control the climate in the greenhouse on its own”, - says the student.

The Department of Research Work presented at the “Vuzpromexpo” a robotic bionic arm prosthesis. Myoelectrical intelligent capture control provides a high level of functionality, close to a healthy human hand. Both the documentation for a prosthesis line and algorithms and control methods for the movements of the elbow and the shoulder joints of the prosthesis arm were developed at the Moscow Poly. Also, a robot-bartender was shown at the exhibition, which is the newest development of the Moscow Poly FabLab residents. For the nearest future it is planned to create an application for a smartphone, which would allow everybody to “order” a cocktail at his choice to be made by the robot.

An Arctic all-terrain vehicle was also presented at the exhibition, for which the wheels with low pressure tires had been developed at the Moscow Poly. The car is designated for transportation of various cargos and people on any roads in Arctic areas of Siberia and Far East. In addition, the visitors could see a racing car IGUANA G9, developed and manufactured in the laboratory “Formula Student”. The team “Smart Moto Challenge Polytech” presented the newest development – an electric bike “Phoenix”, created for the off-road racing.

The Moscow Poly representatives took part in the business program of the “Vuzpromexpo” as well. Director for Educational and Research Projects Gyuzel Sharipzianova was a speaker at the round table “The eco system of the technological entrepreneurship at universities”. She shared with her colleagues the unique experience in organization of the project activity at the Moscow Polytechnic University. “In 2014 the project activity emerged as an obligatory discipline in educational programs of engineering specialties”, - says Giuzel Sharipzianova. – “At first we had just 17 projects, today there are 150”. The topics of the projects cover all rapidly developing economic sectors: technology, energy, IT and design. “It was from the project activity of the university that the competitions “Engineering Start” were born, where the first-year students carry out real orders from customers. But this year we decided to go further and to hold a “Project Start” – for the students of humanitarian specialties. Participation in it will teach the students thinking in terms of entrepreneurship. And from the next semester the future lawyers and economists will take part in the projects already launched up, including the engineering ones”, - mentioned the Director.

At the discussion “The project activity in a university and pre-acceleration” the Dean of the faculty of technological entrepreneurship Ivan Yurin told the audience how to arrange a technological entrepreneurship at a university. The Dean of the transport faculty Pablo Iturralde presented a children’s technopark of the Moscow Poly Center for Engineering Development, expected to open December 25. Professor of the Center for Project Activity Vladimir Nikolskiy told participants how inclusion of the students of economic, managerial and law directions in the engineering projects is arranged at the Moscow Poly. “Engineers know how to create cool products, but, at the same time, they do not know how to communicate with surrounding reality”, - mentioned Vladimir Nikolskiy. – “The students from the training direction “Advertisement and public relations” can help them in it, while economists can develop a model of promotion of an engineering project. Such joint activity is useful because it changes the view of engineers at their own invention. Engineers learn to see people around them, work and communicate with them”.


The “VUZPROMEXPO” is an annual event, where the results of a number of state and federal programs of the Education Ministry of Russia are drawn. The exhibition is aimed at demonstrating the best practices in the area of introduction of innovative developments in the domestic industry.

For participation in the exhibition the Moscow Poly received a diploma, signed by the Minister of Education and Science of Russia Olga Vasiliyeva and the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov.









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