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Moscow Polytech
11 December 2017

A student of the Moscow Poly is one of the winners of the All-Russian Engineering Contest in Samara

December 7-8 the All-Russian Engineering Contest (AEC) was held at the Samara University with the support of the Ministry of Education of the RF. Around a thousand of students, post-graduate students and young researchers took part in the finals of the event – those who had won in various all-Russian contests. One of the winners of the foresight-session, arranged by the United Aviation Corporation (UAC), became a student of the IT faculty of the Moscow Poly Nikita Samoylov.

There were 66 participants in the Rapid-foresight session of UAC – students of engineering specialties and winners of engineering contests of the partner companies of the AEC. The work was arranged on five key topics: transport, production, IT, urbanistics and energy. The Moscow Poly student Nikita Samoylov presented his project “Intellectual platform for the Internet of Things in the area of the GreenPL energy”, which had won the contest “IT Breakthrough”, arranged by “Roselectronika”.

The group was supposed to develop a project of the future, using the technology of “foresight” and basing on existing trends and technologies. According to the developers, taking into account the speed with which revolutionary technologies appear, already in 20-30 years from now the world will change beyond recognition. There will be houses on renewable energy resources, new means of transport with batteries of higher capacity. We will be buying things through large distribution centers, while smart drones will press out the profession of a courier from the labor market. All this will lead to emergence of an energy currency – a universal unit, a “golden kilowatt”.

“If there is some virtual value, provided by the resources spent on its production, why don’t we put an equality sign between energy and currency?”, - considers the winner of the foresight-session Nikita Samoylov. – “At the same time the energy banks will begin emerging, where the countries will be able to “lend” energy in cases of peak loads in the grid. In fact, all kinds of fuel can be replaced by electricity as a universal unit. While energy distribution will be done by an artificial intellect, which will become the basis for the “Smart Grid” – a technology of a smart energy redistribution in the grids. It means that people will be able to sell excessively produced energy to the common grid”.

Director of Department for Personnel Training of the United Aviation Corporation Elena Mitina congratulated the winners of this session. 









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