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Moscow Polytech
9 December 2017

Children’s Technopark of the Moscow Poly Center for Engineering Development will open on the 25th of December

Attendees of the new children’s technopark of the Moscow Poly Center for Engineering Development will be able to create spacecrafts and self-driven drones, design vehicles and get prepared to engineering Olympiads. The best graduates will be given additional scores for admission to a university and a guaranteed employment in high-tech companies.

The inauguration ceremony will take place on the 25th of December at the address Lefortovskiy val St, 26.

On December 25 Head of Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the Moscow city Aleksey Fursin, Head of the Children’s Technopark and Head of the Center for Engineering Development Pablo Iturralde and Dean of the Moscow Poly Engineering School Andrey Andriushkov will open the technopark and conduct introductory classes for the attendees. Using the virtual reality, they will tell them about history of automotive production and artistic car designing, will present a smart stand for spreading the solar battery, and, as well, will show how self-driven cars recognize road signs. The schoolchildren will use in their studies the constructors “Educar” and “Eduvel”, which imitate real parts of a car, unmanned romomobiles “Union Standard”, training constructors of spacecraft models, turning lathes and other devices.

At the classes in children’s technoparks the schoolchildren acquire initial skills of technical professions and learn 3D modeling, programming and electrical engineering. “Children’s technoparks are special centers of auxiliary education of scientific-and-technical profile, which had been integrated in the innovative sector of the Moscow economy”, - says Andrey Andriushkov. Training at the Moscow Poly technopark will go along four directions: “Automotive design and calculations”, “Aerospace engineering”, “Self-driven equipment” and “Transport design”.

“Every technopark has its partners from innovative enterprises. They are ordering the training programs and they fill them with the educational contents. In the case of the Moscow Poly they are the Center for Engineering Development, “SPUTNIKS”, the company “Aurora”, specializing in self-driven drones, the association “AutoNet” and others”, - mentioned Dean of the Engineering School. After finishing the studies, the schoolchildren will be able to conclude a work contract with the enterprise. In addition, children will be prepared to Olympiads, including the National Technology Initiative Olympiad.

The training programs are designed for schoolchildren of 14-17 years of age. The classes will start in February and will be held two times a week. The duration of a course on one direction is one semester.

The Children’s technopark of the Moscow Poly Center for Engineering Development has been built with the support of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the Moscow city. It is planned to establish a system of children’s technoparks, which will bring together the possibilities of universities, industrial enterprises and centers of youth innovative creativity. Training in technoparks is supposed to help in preparing high-skilled personnel for high-tech enterprises.









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