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Moscow Polytech
4 December 2017

A symposium on polymer industry was held at the Moscow Poly

November 29 and 30 the X International Symposium “Polymer Industry: Innovations, Efficiency, Resource-saving” took place at the Moscow Poly. Experts discussed issues of the state support to the polymer community, and, also, creation of new enterprises of the polymer industry in Russia.

In the course of the symposium high-skilled specialists and students exchanged knowledge in the area of modern technologies and experience in advanced developments in the polymer industry. The most popular issue was the question of efficiency of decision making for sustainable business development.

Experts noted that the material and technical base of the Russian enterprises requires modernization. The choice of equipment for specific technologies of plastic manufactures production, like injection molding on horizontal thermal automated machines (TPA) or extrusion, becomes a challenge for economy of many production sites. For example, in order to use biological raw materials in packaging or medicine, it is necessary to invent and implement non-standard ideas, develop and introduce solutions, responding to the set-up tasks of production of sophisticated high-tech manufactures and assemblies for various consumers, primarily foreign producers, having projects in the Russian territory.

At discussion of the prospects for development of the polymer industry and professional trajectories for young specialists at universities and in the industry, the polymer processors discussed the problem of training and employment for specialists – equipment adjusters, technologists, mechanical technicians. Undoubtedly, with regard to development of new markets, wider use of robots, systems of rapid change of molds and quick release couplings or even introduction of unmanned production, new competences are required.









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