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Moscow Polytech
29 November 2017

Education of real future Ц the teams will test their devices at УThe Engineering StartФ

December 9-10 the finals of the project competitions for schoolchildren and students “The Engineering Start 2017” will be held at the Moscow Poly. Children from “engineering classes” of the Moscow schools and first-year students of the technical training directions from the Moscow Poly will show a self-driven vehicle, a wind electricity generator, a device for air measuring and other devices, developed by project teams.

The competition is aimed at preparing children to work on projects under conditions of uncertainty, compressed timing and restricted resources. The ability to distribute tasks among team members, to stick to deadline, to respond to a maximum number of the customer’s requirements – all these qualities of an engineer define demand for a specialist at the labor market. The main peculiarity of the competition is that children not just solve problems on paper but also work with their hands. While usually there is no unique correct answer, there are many options, and the engineering imagination of participants is limited only by the customer’s requirements.

In the framework of the tournament each team received 5 tasks, solutions to which are in a form of an operating manufacture. Children produced all prototypes in the high-tech laboratories of the university. Evaluation will be based on the safety and appearance of a manufacture, quality of the technical documentation, consumer properties, the share of ready-made components used for the product.

The device for metering air consumption must show on the display how much the air-route pipeline consumes, the automated vehicle must overcome the track in automated mode, the device for low-temperature boiling must boil the water under low temperature, the wind electricity generator must work out the current by means of wind energy, while the water cannon – move liquid at a targeted distance. If the product does not operate, it does not bring scores. It is easy to imagine what passions will be boiling during the competition, because technical developments can refuse to “fly” from the first time.

The work with manufactures was begun on September 1. Participants attended master classes in 3D modelling and printing, laser cutting, carpenter and fitter works, basics of electronics. In the finals there will be public tests of the manufactures to be watched by an expert jury composed of the Moscow Poly teachers.

*Photographs from “The Engineering Starts 2016” were used in the publication.


“The Engineering Start” at the Moscow Polytechnic University (formerly the UMech MAMI) is held since 2014. The competition presents a unique for Russian universities event in terms of the format and of the scale of tasks. “The Engineering Start” allows first-year students to get acquainted with current technologies, showing to a student what he is able to do here and now. That is why “The Engineering Starts” is a competition positioned as “education of the future”.








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