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Moscow Polytech
20 November 2017

Development of the basalt industry was discussed at the Moscow Poly

From November 15 to 17 the II International Basalt Forum was held in Moscow. Experts from Germany, China, Saudi Arabia and other countries took part in the discussion of the basalt industry development. Top managers of major enterprises, scientists and politicians discussed financial tools, environmental and infrastructure solutions, and, as well, issues of use of basalt fibers in various spheres of industry. The Forum was opened with a scientific-and-technical conference at the Moscow Poly, after which the discussion was carried on during the business program at the Technopolice “Moscow”.

The international basalt Forum “From the depths of the Earth to the heights of the world” means 500 participants from basalt-oriented companies, research production and universities. “Historically, the basalt industry remained underrated, but nowadays it is already time to take it into account”, - says the Forum organizer Oksana Chernykh. – “We are doing our best to ensure that areas where basalt is used are expanded, where it is really beneficial from the economic and practical points of view. For example, it is in hydraulic structures, nuclear industry, aggressive media. Demand for manufactured goods does exist, it is necessary to multiply solutions in specific industries, form the standards and the regulatory framework”. Economic efficiency of the basalt fiber makes its use promising in architecture, automotive industry, aviation and shipbuilding, oil and gas sector, and, also, in high-tech industries.

During the scientific-and-practical conference, arranged by the SPC “BasaltCenter” at the Moscow Poly, presentations were made about innovative application of the basalt in production. A representative of the Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI) Yuriy Vasiliyev spoke of the prospects of sulfur-containing composite materials with a composite reinforcement giving an example of sulfur concrete. Anton Shchukin from the company “Megadron” told the audience about self-driven drones made with the basalt fiber, while the presentation of Aleksey Larin (“BasaltCenter”) was devoted to the prospects of using basalt clothes and basalt plastics in armor protection structures and equipment. In addition, the speakers touched upon scientific-and-technology aspects of basalt production with application of plasma (Yuriy Svirchuk, SSC FSUP “The Keldysh Center”), in low-tonnage chemistry (Aleksey Shevnin, KomAR) and other spheres. 

The Moscow Poly students shared their experience in using basalt technologies during the guided tour of the conference participants to the university laboratories. Thus, for example, in the Center for Development of Engineering for four years by now new technologies are being combined with automotive transport, when racing cars for international competitions are manufactured with application of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. While Departments “Metal processing by means of pressure” and “Equipment and technologies of welding” are engaged in modelling structures of layered and fibrous composite materials by studying the impact of composition and structure of the composite on its thermal properties in modelling programs. In addition, there are regular presentations of the graduation qualifying works in the area of basalt, manufactures of basalt and processing of wastes, and defense of a dissertation is planned for the degree of a candidate of science.

According to Oksana Chernykh, one of serious problems of the industry is a shortage of qualified personnel. It is important not only to tell the audience about promising materials, but also to allow them to directly touch the technologies. That is why the Moscow Poly, jointly with the JSC “Basalt projects”, are arranging a student contest of projects in automotive design with application of basalt-composite materials “Basalt. Auto” and in design of small architectural forms with application of basalt-composite materials “Basalt. City”. The winners will get an opportunity to implement their projects.

The second and third days of the Forum at the Congress-Center of the Technopolice “Moscow” were organized by the Union of the basalt industry development “Soyuzbasalt” jointly with JSC “Basalt projects”. The event became a platform for planning cooperation and joint projects in the sphere of interindustry cooperation and entering foreign markets, and, as well, for discussion of investment attractiveness of the industry. In the framework of the business program an agreement was signed about cooperation between “Soyuzbasalt” and the Composite cluster of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the city Bursa (Turkey).









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