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Moscow Polytech
16 November 2017

A discussion in St Petersburg how to train manpower for the digital economy of the future

November 7-8 a barcamp “The National Technology Revolution 20.35” was held in St Petersburg at several sites simultaneously. Training of specialists in the area of the digital economy, as well as education in the epoch of digitalization, were discussed in the course of the global, informal conference on education. Representatives of the Moscow Poly IT faculty took active part in the barcamp.

The main feature of the barcamp was that the organizers of the informal conference were participants themselves. In the framework of the event Dean of the Moscow Poly IT faculty Andrey Filippovich was a moderator of the project session, devoted to creation of Web Master programs in the area of medical intellectual technologies. Together with a techno scout of the MTS company Maksim Gashkov the Dean told the audience, referring to the example of the Master program “Medical intellectual systems”, which projects in the area of the digital healthcare could be implemented by the Master course students.

In addition, Andrey Filippovich and Deputy Dean Marina Danshina took part in the presentation “The presentations of the WorldSkills Russia Academy: new requirements to working manpower and competences in the epoch of digitalization”. The speakers discussed digital skills of the graduates and technologies of competence evaluation in the context of multiplying the WorldSkills Russia model for training manpower of emerging industries. Then there was a group work at the session “The future of the science 20.35” where new types of educational programs were developed. After that the teachers were awarded with prizes and letters of gratitude from the Director of the training direction “Young Professionals” of the Agency of Strategic Initiatives Dmitriy Peskov.

Head of Department “Smart-technologies” of the IT faculty Timur Idiatullov spoke at the presentation of the technology contest “Winter city” as an expert of the competition. Technology contests is a new format of rendering support to innovation companies, the launch of which is being arranged by the Russian Venture Company, the foundation “Skolkovo” and the Agency of Strategic Initiatives in 2018. Since self-driven automobiles is one of the key global trends of the coming decades, the contest “Winter City” is devoted to development of technologies of automated control. An ambitious task to adapt self-driven vehicles to climatic and road conditions of Russia will be set in front of participants. They will have to take into account requirements of companies AutoNet and NeuroNet.

Modern educational programs are oriented at professional development of a specialist in the digital economy – a virtual environment where new ideas and products are created. Education is aimed at training leaders for the companies, implementing the concept of the National Technology Initiative and working at the new global markets. These markets include both production using digital technologies and the area of electronic goods and services. The broad concept of the “digital economy” also includes such concepts as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, smart factory, communication networks of the fifth generation, engineering services and prototyping, etc.









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