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Moscow Polytech
13 November 2017

Players of the Moscow Poly are World Champions in futsal

November 7 the Moscow Poly men’s team won the title of the World Champion in futsal at the VI World Championship among the club teams. “MosPolytech” (formerly “Torpedo-MAMI”) was the winner in each of four competition stages, having overcome in the standings a team “Yegorievsk” from the Moscow region and a team “Soyuz-Energo” from Belorussia. All in all, there were 12 teams participating in the championship from Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

The games took place in three Russian cities: Moscow, Ivanteyevka and Yegorievsk. Participants were divided into four subgroups of three teams each. The winners of the inter-group competitions went out into the play-off stage. “You do not have a right to lose in the play-off”, - says the coach of the Moscow Poly team Aleksandr Fedorov. – “Our team won all the matches: in the ¼ of the finals they defeated the team from Peru and in the semi-finals - champions of the Czech Republic in futsal”. In the finals “MosPolytech” fought with the team from Yegorievsk.  According to the coach of our team, the rivals were very strong, and it was hard to play in the finals. “We were losing 0:1, but managed to pull ourselves together, focus and reach victory”, - notes Aleksandr Fedorov.

Dmitriy Kurushin, a “MosPolytech” member, was recognized the best player of the Championship, Vlad Akhukov – the best scorer of the Championship. In addition, in our team were distinguished Andrey Ivanov and Vladimir Minnigaleyev – each of them scored a goal in the final match.

It is not the first victory of the men’s team “MosPolytech”. Our team also won at the XXV Championship of Russia in Mini-football among Universities, it got into the finals of the League of Champions in Futsal in Italy and it won in the Intercontinental Cup in Argentina. “Every game is important for us”, - says the team coach. – “And it is necessary to win in each of them. Even the student games are often an important stage in preparing to more serious competitions”.

We wish our team every success and new victories!









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