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Moscow Polytech
14 November 2017

A student of the Moscow Poly became a laureate of the Aleksandr Yezhevskiy National Award

November 7 Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov awarded young design engineers, who were first laureates of the Aleksandr Yezhevskiy National Award. Among laureates there is a student of the engineering faculty of the Moscow Poly Karen Vaniyants.

The projects, submitted to the contest, covered various directions of agricultural engineering. Karen Vaniyants studied technology that would increase several times the working capacity of the opener disk. It is efficient owing to the use of waste from cutting tool, which is destroyed in kerosene by electric impulses and is transformed into particles of power. This powder is compressed by means of rollers and, when the current is passed, it “sticks” to the basic material, which helps to prolong the service life of the equipment.

All the contest participants were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes, and, also, received job offers from one of the major manufacturers of agricultural machinery – Rostselmash. “It is very important for young engineers to take part in such contests, this is a great reserve for formation of their future careers”, - says the Moscow Poly student Karen Vaniyants. – “Victory means that the technology, developed by me, is promising and I will definitely improve it in the future”.


The National Award named after Aleksandr Yezhevskiy has been established by the Russian association of producers of specialized machinery and equipment “Rosspetsmash” and is arranged with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. The prize is awarded to students of the 2-4 courses of the fulltime form of learning, which represent the faculties, connected with designing machinery for agriculture.









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