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Moscow Polytech
14 November 2017

A profession-oriented project for schoolchildren The Dream University ended at the Moscow Poly

November 9 the concluding day of the profession-oriented project for schoolchildren “The Dream University” took place at the Moscow Poly. Children from 7-11 classes had guided tours to Departments and laboratories of the university and learned soldering and programming at master classes. In addition, trainings and business games, aimed at soft skills development, were arranged for the schoolchildren.

Themes of the master classes corresponded to the university specialties. Participants were taught soldering – a skill, required for all engineering specialties, and programming. Children created a fruit piano on the MaKey Makey board. The working principle was rather simple: when a person touches an apple or any other fruit, MaKey Makey sends a code to the computer. “This control mode works in virtual musical instruments or computer games. The idea of the master class is to introduce schoolchildren to programming by means of the game form”, - says an employee of the Engineering School Irina Kuzmina.

Besides master classes participants of “The Dream University” could go on guided tours to laboratories “Formula Student” and “Smartmoto”, where students manufacture racing cars and bikes on electric drive in the framework of the project activity, and a tour to the Moscow Poly FabLab. Children were shown a 3D printer and told about its design, operation and materials: types of plastic and their peculiarities.

For schoolchildren participating in “The Dream University” is an opportunity to immerse for one week in several professions on the basis of 6 leading universities of Moscow and make further steps in professional orientation. Every year around 360 children come to the Moscow Poly: there are 4 shift of 30 people each. Children get acquainted with the project activity and the university as a whole and acquire initial engineering skills, which help them both in further studies and during admission to the university. Next time schoolchildren will be able to visit the Moscow Polytechnic University in March 2018.









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