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Moscow Polytech
10 November 2017

The International Basalt Forum will be held at the Moscow Poly

November 15, in the framework of the II International Basalt Forum, a scientific-practical conference will be held at the Moscow Poly. Experts will discuss development strategies for the industry of basalt fibers production and their use in various areas of the world economy. The business program will be carried on in the Congress Center of the “Moscow” Technopolice.

Basalt rocks are formed after volcanic eruptions. Basalt cannot be corroded and is wear-resistant in conditions of aggressive media and alternating temperatures, which allows using it in the road infrastructure and construction sector, oil and gas and nuclear industry. At present the basalt market is in its infancy. The whole amount of the fiber, produced today at enterprises, is used to manufacture single prototypes of this or that product. One of obstacles for development of the basalt industry is lack of a market. Participants of the forum will discuss the ways to overcome the problems, impeding active application of the basalt fiber products.

It is expected that the forum will be visited by more than 400 participants. Among them there will be representatives of the leading Russian companies, scientists, engineers, financiers, and, as well, delegations from foreign companies. Click here to see the event program in Russian.


The I International Basalt Forum was held at the Moscow Poly in November 2016. The organizers were the Union of the Basalt Industry Development, the SC “Basalt Projects” and the Moscow Polytechnic University. The participants discussed the prospects for the basalt industry in the epoch of technology mutations, and, also, opportunities to use manufactures of the basalt fiber.









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