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1 June 2018

The Moscow Poly received a delegation of German universities representatives

May 31 the Moscow Poly was visited by a delegation from German universities: the Stuttgart Media University and the University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten. In the framework of the visit there was a meeting with the university administration, where the parties discussed prospects for cooperation. Also, the guests were shown the laboratories of the Center for Engineering Development and the Higher School of Printing and Media Industry.

The Stuttgart Media University is a long-standing partner of the Higher School of Printing and Media Industry of the Moscow Poly. It covers a wide range of training directions: from theory and practices of mass media to media design and distribution of mass media. There are many laboratories at the university, where the students learn designing, working with IT technologies, get practical knowledge in creation of radio- and TV programs. The University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten is included in the top 30 German universities and is recognized as the best in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. The students study here the engineering sciences, including an electric car structure and environmentally clean means of energy production.

During the business meeting the parties discussed possible options for cooperation. Among them there were joint educational programs, the dual diplomas practice, training courses by the teachers of the partner universities and, of course, internships for students and teachers. As the Moscow Poly Rector Vladimir Miklushevskiy emphasized, the exchange programs are important not only in terms of education or research, but also for the changing of the mental environment inside the university. One has to study all his life, while investigation of methods, applied in other universities, can seriously enrich our students’ portfolio.

For the guests from Germany a guided tour to laboratories “Formula Student” and “Smart Moto” was arranged, where the students manufacture racing cars and electric bikes in the framework of the project activity, the Center for Road Safety and the design bureau SKB-MAMI. After the tour the German universities’ representatives visited the Higher School of Printing and Media Industry of the Moscow Poly. The guests were shown the laboratories of electronic microscopy, colour lithography and intellectual systems, Department of artistic and technical processing of printed matter, and were told about institutes and departments, comprising the contents of the School, and about organization of the educational process.

29 May 2018

Students presented their vision of Russias development at the contest Growth Priorities in St. Petersburg

From May 25 to May 27 the finals of the youth projects contest Growth Priorities was held in St. Petersburg. The first-year students of Department “Economics and organization” of the Moscow Poly presented at the contest their vision of Russia’s development.


The contest was held in two stages: by correspondence and the full-time one. From April to May the schoolchildren and students from all over Russia were sending their initiatives and proposals concerning labor productivity and human capital growth in the country, development of small-scale business, new technologies and a number of other topics. Depending on the age category of participants, it could be a drawing, an infographic on a selected topic or a project. One hundred authors of the best works were invited to St. Petersburg to defend their works in front of the expert jury.

The Moscow Poly students Irina Kurkina, Viktoriya Olevich and Polina Chufarova presented to the contest a report “Development of energy-efficient technologies, reforming the communal services sector and development of the urban environment”. A cultural program was arranged for the finalists: a sightseeing tour around St. Petersburg, as well as master classes in improvement of the skills of public speaking and the search for investments. In the framework of the contest there were panel discussions “Strategy for the future of Russia – the view of the youth” and “Formation of priorities for economic development”.


“Growth Priorities” is a platform for young people with their own vision of the future for Russia, willing to input their ideas in working out the strategy for economic development and to influence the socio-economic policy of our country. The organizers of the contest were the Foundation for Educational Projects “Strategy for the Future” jointly with the Institute for Development of Local Communities and the Chamber of Young Legislators, attached to the Council of Federation.

28 May 2018

Manta Ray is the winner of engineering competitions Solar Regatta in Velikiy Novgorod

May 26 a stage of engineering competitions “Solar Regatta was held in Velikiy Novgorod on the river Volkhov. The teams competed in the speed, maneuverability and endurance of vessels, driven by means of the solar energy. The best boats proved those of the Moscow Poly, which took the 1st and the 2nd places in the experimental Euro-class.

Over 25 teams of schoolchildren, students and young designers from various parts of Russia participated in the competitions. The Moscow Poly team “Manta Ray Solar Team presented two new boats – a high-speed three-point glider “Eko Hvilia” and a modular electric boat “Valentina Queen”. The students carried out developments in the framework of the project activity. During two semesters the students created the boats with the engine capacity over 1.5 kW, which performed in the experimental Euro-class.

Manta Ray team’s glider left the race during the endurance competition, its charge of three solar panels was not enough with an engine of 10 kW. Despite this, the glider won in the count for speed and took the second place. According to a team member Valentina Kaplina, the boat Valentina Queen proved to be the most durable. With an engine of 5 kW and eight solar panels it covered all the race, an hour and a half long, overtaking the main rival – the more powerful boat of the Petersburg Poly – and became the winner of the competition.


The event is held in the framework of the project “Engineering contests and competitions” of the road map “Marinet” of the National Technology Initiative. The NTI is one of the state policy priorities according to the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation. The main objectives of the project are to realize the research and creative potential of young specialists and develop educational technologies of the Russian Federation. The organizer of the contest is the Autonomous non-profit organization “The National Center for Engineering Contests and Competitions”, the general partner is “The Maritime Center of Captain Varukhin N. G.” The next competition will take place in Germany, in the city Wildau.

28 May 2018

The Moscow Poly at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

From May 24 to May 26 the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum -2018 (SPIEF) was held. The Moscow Poly employees took part in the business and exhibition program, and, as well, presented their projects in the finals of the contest “My country – my Russia”.


The Moscow Poly Rector Vladimir Miklushevskiy spoke at the panel sessions “Technological breakthrough and spatial development of the country” and “The future of the economy: education as a sphere for investments”. According to him, it is the universities that are the most productive format of intellectual resources organization for the national spatial development. After graduation from the universities the young people start working at the leading research centers and territorial innovative clusters. That is why the way to development of science and technologies goes through the all-round development of universities, technology valleys and major research centers. Vladimir Miklushevskiy emphasized that we need to invest in new educational technologies: “the correlation 70% of classroom learning and 30% of individual studies should be changed for the opposite. The leading universities of the world have been working within this scheme for a long time by now”, - he said.

Introduction of innovations was examined at the discussion “Whether the Russian society, state and business are prepared for the digital economy”. Head of the research-and-educational center “Technologies Forge” of the Moscow Poly Arseniy Udalov presented a digital platform for the work with hackathons “”. The platform is a part of the systematic approach to the work with talents, which is being developed jointly by the Association of Accelerators, The Club Movement of the NTI and the Moscow Poly. “The School of Tutors”, and later – “The School of Hackathons” started to train competent organizers and tutors for project teams. The platform “” will help talents and tutors join for solving the tasks. It is planned to hold over 50 hackathons in 42 regions of Russia by the end of the year.

In the framework of the forum there was an awards ceremony of the youth contest of projects, aimed at improvement of the life quality in Russian regions, areas and villages “My country – my Russia”. “The contest is well-known all over the country, during its 15 years more than 58 thousand young people in all the regions took part in it. This year we had 7 thousand participants, which means an equal number of tutors and teachers, who trained them”, - told the guests and ceremony participants the contest organizer, Chairwoman of the Council of All-Russia Union of Public Associations “Youth socio-economic initiatives”, Teacher of Department “Management” of the Moscow Poly Larisa Pastukhova.

The winners in the nomination “My professional choice” got their awards from Vladimir Miklushevskiy. A special prize of the Moscow Poly – an internship at any laboratory of the university – went to a student David Azaryan from the Volgograd region. He developed a project for the communal economics – a robot, knocking down icicles. In addition, developments by the Moscow Poly employees Aleksey Zhuchkov (“Technology for fields treatment against pests by means of drones - “AgroRobotCom”) and Elena Krasnoslobodtseva and Anastasiya Ilyina (“Quests as a new tool for professional orientation of schoolchildren”) were presented at the PIEF. The project by Aleksey Zhuchkov – “AgroRobotCom” – won in a special nomination of the Petersburg Poly and was awarded with a diploma and a gift iPad. “we prepared the first mock-up of the mobile complex for the pointed spraying of biological substances and entomophages, which we will test this summer. Hopefully, our development will enable development of ecology-friendly farming in Russia”, - Aleksey says.

Besides, during the PIEF, an exhibition of modern art “Noise transcription” worked at the stand of the Roscongress, which was arranged by the foundation for support of blind-and-deaf people “Co-unity”. The Moscow Poly students presented their art works at the stand, supposed to be precepted by touching and serving as tactile communicators. The works, made at the “Science-Art” laboratory of the Center for Technological Support for Education and the Center for Project Activity of the Moscow Poly, are based on the principles of the modern robotics, programming and interactive technologies. Authors of the project are Andrey Konoplev, Evgeniy Pikalov, Alisher Niyazmukhamedov, Anton Stepnoy and Aleksandr Podymayev.

28 May 2018

The mens team of the Moscow Poly in futsal holds the European Champions League Cup

May 26 the final game of the European Champions League–2018 in futsal was held in Prague (Czech Republic). The Moscow Poly team “Torpedo – MAMI” defeated the team “Volga” from Saratov with a score 4:3 and became the holder of the Champions Cup.


In the semifinals the team “Torpedo-MAMI” fought with a team “Chemcomex Praha” from the Czech Republic. The team of the Moscow Poly broke forward with a score 5:2. At the beginning of the final game “Torpedo-MAMI” and “Volga” alternately led in the count. The first to miss a ball were players from Saratov, but they managed to recoup and completed the first half with a score 1:1. In the second half the players from “Torpedo-MAMI” scored two goals and, shortly before the final whistle, increased the gap by one more goal. Thus, the Moscow Poly team became the holder of the European Champions League Cup.

That was not the first victory of the men’s team of the Moscow Poly. Our team also won the XXV Championship of Russia in mini-football among universities, went out to the finals of the Champions League in futsal in Italy, won the Intercontinental Cup in Argentina and became the world champion in futsal at the VI World Championship among club teams.

23 May 2018

A tourist rally of the Moscow Poly students

From May 18 to 20 a tourist rally of the Moscow Poly students was held at the recreation center “Sushnevo-2”. The participants had to pass an obstacle course, learned to shoot from a bow and showed creative performances.

The main task of the rally was the teambuilding for students of different courses and making them aware of the hiking romance. During three days the students lived in the tents and cooked food at a bonfire, passed master classes on “survival” in forest. They learned how to build a fire, make traps and climb a rope. The rally was concluded with songs and dances by the bonfire and the fire show by the Kuptsov brothers.

22 May 2018

A development by young scientists for improvement of properties of polymers will receive a grant from the RFBR

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research supported the project by young scientists from the Higher School of Printing and Media Industry of the Moscow Poly in creation of new materials for printing and packaging. Basing on the results of selection of the basic research projects by young scientists (My first grant), the development will receive funding from the foundation.

“Development of the polymer film materials with modified surface for printing and packaging” is a project by a post-graduate student of the HSPMI, Deputy Head of the STC “Printing and innovative technologies” Fedor Doronin and the research team of post-graduate students and researchers of the HSPMI Andrey Yevdokimov, Mikhail Saveliev and Galina Zhuravleva.

Printing on polymeric materials is used for production of packaging of household chemical goods, food products, advertising products. The project is aimed at solution of a specific fundamental task – improvement of the surface and barrier properties of polymers, used in printing and packaging production. The developers propose to improve the quality of a printed matter by means of applying the methods of modifying the surface. As a result of fluorination and plasma chemical processing the polymers become more resistant to the impact of water and other substances.

To produce the packaging, the materials are often used that are incapable of being wetted with water due to low surface energy. Hydrophilization of the surface of the material results in higher wettability, in turn increasing the printing quality. Thus, modification of the surface of polymer films for packaging of food and non-food products allows to reduce damages and improve protective properties.

According to Fedor Doronin, the project results can be in demand on other directions, where the key role belongs to the surface properties of polymers. In particular, in research and developments of devices of electronics and photonics (“flexible electronics”), where the functional layers are put on top of a polymer base, for example, of aqueous solutions, and, as well, in micro fluidics.

21 May 2018

The final Open Day was held at the Moscow Poly

May 19 the last Open Day of this academic year was held at the Moscow Poly. Applicants and their parents visited exhibitions, lectures, master classes, had guided tours to the university laboratories, and, as well, learnt about peculiarities of the admission campaign of 2018.

Rector of the Moscow Poly Vladimir Miklushevskiy opened the official part of the event. He wished all graduates to pass the Unique State Exam successfully and told the audience about the Moscow Poly. Our students master the discipline “Project activity” from the first course. Semesters are concluded not just with traditional exams, but also with submission of a project, having a product result and most often made to order of a company. Thus, a student passes the way from a concept to its implementation, communicating with the production site and the customer. Besides the academic activity, there is an active extracurricular life: the students sing, dance and go in for sports.

At the exhibition of the best student projects the event guests could see a home freezer for making ice-cream “Russian Ice-Cream Machines”, constructors “Educar” and “Eduvel”, “Solar Regatta” – the boat on solar batteries. The Moscow Poly students develop this project at engineering competitions “Solar Regatta” The main requirement is to make the boats to respond to environment-protection regulation. Another project is “Ostrov Green Technology” – an innovative system of heat- and cold-supply for commercial or industrial facilities, developed by a company “Ostrov”. There are lots of various refrigerators in large supermarkets, each of them producing heat. It goes to the atmosphere without finding a useful application. “Ostrov” proposed to the Moscow Poly students to think of how to use this heat for the hot water systems of the same supermarkets (supplies of hot water and heating). Students of the 2nd and 3rd courses of the faculty of chemical technologies and biotechnology develop the project with the support of “Danfoss”, “Owen”, LLC “RT-Electro” and the company “Ostrov”.

Schoolchildren from engineering classes presented their works as well. A vacuum-evaporating refrigeration installation for production of the binary ice, made by the pupils of School 2030, can be used for hypothermia of internal organs when providing first aid for capillary bleeding or for cooling products at a higher rate than with conventional ice. Matvey Soloviev and his teacher Aleksandr Diatlov from School 1530 presented a self-driving vehicle on an air cushion. Their device can move on any surface. Another pupil of Aleksandr Diatlov, Aristarkh Pashentsev showed a model of a water cannon for extinguishing the incipient forest fires. The basis of the structure is formed by a piston system. A plug with a ball valve fixed in it is put on a pipe. Liquid is put into the pipe, a piston is inserted on top, onto which rubber strings are attached. The tension of the strings creates a high pressure in the pipe, and, when the tap is opened, the water comes out in the form of a directed jet from the hole. In reality the cannon is a few times larger than the model and can accommodate from 50 to 200 liters of water. All the projects were presented at the conference “Engineers of the Future”, held at SRTU “MISiS” April 16-17.

There were also an exhibition of racing cars and bikes, manufactured by students in the laboratories “Formula Student” and “Smartmoto”, a special street race, an exhibition of retro cars and a training van “Junior Campus” – a training project of the BMW Group Russia, developed in partnership with the Moscow Poly for children from 6 to 14 years of age. Children learn about safe and responsible behavior on the road in the interactive mode, as well as about cars’ design and environment-friendly vehicles.

Students of the Children’s Technopark of the Center for Engineering Development of the Moscow Poly arranged engineering-and-sports competitions on EDUVEL “EDC Junior” velomobiles. Within a limited period of time the students had to assemble a velomobile – fix the seat, the trunk, the engine, the chain, adjust the drive and have a race in a few laps along the special track.

In addition, master classes in 3D modeling, preparation to the EGE and artistic casting were held for the applicants, they were told about concept design on the example of a futuristic project “Earth 4020”, shown experiments with liquid nitrogen, and, as well, attended a lecture about intellectual electricity supply systems and a theory of an urban form.

Please see in more details about the faculties; IT, mechanical engineering, chemical technology and biotechnology and the transport faculty, as well as the Favorskiy Institute of Graphics and Book Art.

This year the university offers 1 300 budget-financed places in more than 70 training directions. It will be possible to apply with documents from June 20 by means of the post, Internet and at collection points. See details in the section “For an applicant”.

Please ask your questions on admission by telephones +7 (495) 223-05-22, +7 (495) 223-05-23 (ext. 1430, 1431, 1250, 1296) or by letters at Also, a group in the social network Vkontakte has been established for the Moscow Poly applicants. All those willing to do so can follow announcements of the admission commission here and ask questions concerning admission.

21 May 2018

An international science-and-technology conference Prom-Engineering was held at the Moscow Poly

From May 15 to 18 an international science-and-technology conference “Prom-Engineering” was held at the Moscow Poly site. Specialists discussed the promising directions for research and modern achievements in the field of industrial engineering.


Presentations were made in 14 sections of the conference, covering such topics as engineering, materials science and technologies for industrial production, systems of control and automation for technology processes and objects. The scientists discussed research of free vibrations of a cylindrical shell, mathematical models of a low-temperature gas generator, analysis of the possibilities for reduction of energy consumption of lift systems, the synthesis of porous heat-insulating material made from industrial waste and other topics.

All in all, there were around 900 presentations at the conference, from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Perm, Ufa, Khabarovsk and other Russian cities. Scientists and practical engineers from 15 countries of the world took part in the event, including those from Egypt, Bulgaria, Germany, Iraq, Spain, Kazakhstan, Canada, Cyprus, China, Portugal. USA. The presentations will be published in a form of collected papers, indexed in the base RINC, and, as well, in the digital library “IEEE Xplore”, the journals “Solid State Phenomena”, “Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering”.

This year the conference was arranged by the South Ural State University, the South-Russian State Polytechnic University (SPI) named by M. I. Platov, and the Moscow Polytechnic University.

17 May 2018

The Moscow Poly signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Nicosia

May 16 the Moscow Poly Rector Vladimir Miklushevskiy signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Nicosia. The cooperation will result in the launch of joint Master-degree programs in information technology and engineering in 2019. The graduates of these programs will receive diplomas of two universities at once, as they will pass training at both universities.

The University of Nicosia is the largest private university of Cyprus. More than 11 000 students from 75 countries of the world are trained there in business management, medicine, humanities and social sciences, applied precise sciences, law and pedagogy. At the Moscow Poly a guided tour was arranged for the foreign guests to laboratories “Formula Student” and “Smart Moto”, where the students manufacture racing cars and electric bikes in the framework of the project activity, to the Center for Road Safety and the designer bureau SKB-MAMI. Around 80% of the SKB employees are the Moscow Poly graduates, and the bureau is an integral part of the University research activity. The delegation members were shown such projects as Yo-mobil, Arctic off-road vehicle “KamAZ”, cabins for the helicopters Ka-62 and Ka-226 and a full-size model of the lander for RCC “Energy”.

During the business meeting the universities representatives discussed joint English-language Master-degree programs and the dual degree program, development of common research projects, exchange of employees and teachers in the framework of qualification improvement, internships for students and other formats of cooperation. The parties reached a preliminary agreement on cooperation in the spheres of information security and technologies of biocompatible materials. They also shared experience in interaction with schools and work with talented schoolchildren, and, as well, implementation of remote-mode learning.

16 May 2018

Students of the Moscow Poly will receive individual scholarships from the FSUE SPCAI

The students of the Mechcanical engineering faculty of the Moscow Poly who are passing training according to the targeted admission in the framework of the agreement between Department “Automation and control” and the FSUE “Scientific and production Center for automation and instrumentation named after the academician N. A. Piliugin”, will receive individual scholarships from the enterprise.

The 4th course curriculum includes continuous production-site practice. The students are given the 3rd degree of secrecy, they take part in the work of the enterprise by implementing tasks of a tutor or a laboratory chief. The most active students are awarded with an individual scholarship from the FGUE “SPCAI”. This year Pavel Morozov, Savva Savenkov and Ilyas Khasianov will get the scholarships.

Pavel Morozov is engaged in a project on introduction of the warehouse inventory of the technology equipment tools, non-standard equipment and testing devices with the use of “The enterprise management automated system” (ERP). Savva Savenkov and Ilyas Khasianov take part in development of control systems for launch vehicles and booster blocks. They test devices, compile documentation and provide technical support.

The boys manage to speak at science conferences, take prize places in sport competitions. As members of the team of FGUE “SPCAI”, they took the 3rd place at the Roscosmos Olympiad, participated in the 8th science-and-technology conference of young specialists of the FGUE “SPCAI” with a report on integration of PDM/MES/ERP systems at an engineering enterprise. According to the students, the scholarship is a good incentive to continue developing and a proof that their efforts are not in vain.

“The training system Factory-VTUZ” is an integrated training system for students which combines organically theory learning and step-by-step professional education at the basic enterprises”, - says Head of Department “Automation and control” Aleksandr Kuznetsov. – “The professional education includes an annual summer practice for the 1-3 courses students and a full working day at an enterprise, starting from the 2nd semester of the 4th course. The integrated system allows students to get the necessary professional skills, experience and track record, including engineering and technical positions, and 100% employment at the enterprise”.

15 May 2018

Konstantin Shalayev is Mister Moscow Poly 2018

May 11 a contest “Mister Moscow Poly – 2018” was held at the university. The title of Vice Mister was awarded to the student of the Higher School of Management and Law Sergey Golubev, the people’s choice award and the victory in the contest went to the student of the IT faculty Konstantin Shalayev. The winners received cash prizes, the rest participants got souvenirs from the university and trade-union organization, and, also, gifts from the contest partners.


This year the competition of the most creative and charming guys was arranged in three stages. At the first test “Business card” the participants had to show a performance on the topic “Three main persons, who changed my life for the better”. The students made merry, sincere numbers, using songs and dancing, with the stories about their parents, teachers and close friends.

In the contest “Where is the logic?” the participants had to read the encrypted words, guessing what was in common among the three pictures on the screen.

Even more self-control and creativity were required for the next test, called “Improvisation”. Within a minute the participants had to make a performance on the topic “Teaching children by means of smartphones”, “Internet dating”, “The ideal woman of the 21st century”, “Army service”, “Work after a university abroad” and “Professional and amateur sports”.

According to a participant, a student of the faculty of urban studies and municipal economy Dmitriy Ivanov, the most difficult part was to learn how to perform on stage. “I am grateful to the organizers – they invested a lot of efforts and time in us, helped with their advice. The contest has shown that impossible tasks do not exist with a good preparation: specially for the performance I learned to sit on twine within two weeks”, - says Dmitriy.

More photos are available here.

Our congratulations to all the participants on the end of the contest and wishes of the further success!

15 May 2018

A festival We are all for peace! was held at the Moscow Poly

May 14 an international competition and festival “We are all for peace!” was held at the Moscow Poly. Dishes of national cuisine, folk songs and dances – 16 student teams from Turkmenistan to Republic Congo presented the culture and every-day features of their Motherland. The honorable guests of the festival were representatives of the embassies of Burkina-Faso, China, Viet-Nam, Afghanistan, Syria, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The competition-festival was aimed at strengthening friendship among peoples, educating students in terms of patriotic and spiritual concepts. The Moscow Poly Rector Vladimir Miklushevskiy opened the festival. He thanked the organizers, participants and guests of the event and emphasized that there are around 2 000 foreign students from 55 countries of the world, studying at the Moscow Poly.

The teams showed video-postcards about their countries, presented the dishes of national cuisines, the folk dances, songs or vocal-and-instrumental compositions. The viewers could see an Afghan dance “Atan”, temperamental “lezginka”, a dance with a fan in the style of Thai chi and u-Shu, a dance “Liazgi”. A song about mother was performed in the language of Algeria, Russian folk mocking songs in modern arrangement were presented, as well as a joint number of Russian and Syrian students – the Victor Tsoy song “A cuckoo”. All performers were rewarded with souvenirs and gifts from the university.

In conclusion of the event a video was shown, devoted to the staff of the bodies, protecting law and order, who have to fight terrorism and extremism every day. Participants and guests of the festival honored the memory of those who perished in military actions and during execution of their official duties.

Find more pictures from the festival here.

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