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Postgraduate courses are the main form of training of research and teaching personnel in the system of professional education, which offers to the Russian Federation citizens an opportunity to upgrade the level of education and research and teaching skills.

Citizens of foreign countries, including citizens of the state-members of CIS, are enrolled to the postgraduate courses on the basis of international treaties and intergovernmental agreements of the Russian Federation, as well as agreements, stipulating for payments for the training of legal and individual entities.

Persons without citizenship, permanently residing in the territory of the RF, are admitted to postgraduate courses in the same mode as RF citizens.

The citizens, who are getting postgraduate professional education in the state higher educational institutions, accredited by the state officially, and in the research institutions with a license for educational activities in the framework of educational programs of postgraduate professional training, have a right for postponement of the military service by the period of training and completing procedures of their qualification work presentation.

The postgraduate course at the University for the specialties of researchers complies with the license, issued by the Federal Service for supervision in the sphere of education and science and the certificate of the state accreditation, issued by the Federal Service for supervision in the sphere of education and science.

Main educational programs for training high-skilled personnel

Codes and titles of training directions

Focus on subject

01.06.01-Mathematics and mechanics


Mechanics of deformable solids

Dynamics, durability of machines, devices and equipment

03.06.01-Physics and astronomy


Physics of condensed matter

Thermophysics and heat engineering

04.06.01-Chemical sciences

Physical chemistry

05.06.01-Earth sciences

Ecology (in chemistry and petrochemistry)

Ecology (in transport)

06.06.01-Biological sciences

Biotechnology (including bionanotechnologies)

08.06.01-Construction machinery and technology

Building structures, buildings and structures

Building materials and manufactures

09.06.01-Computer science and computing facilities

Automation and control of technological processes and manufacturing

12.06.01-Photonics, instrumentation, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies

Devices and methods for monitoring the environment, substances, materials and products

13.06.01-Electric and heat engineering



Heat engines

Machines and devices, processes of refrigeration and cryogenic engineering, HVAC and life support systems

Electrotechnical complexes and systems


Engineering science, drive systems and machine parts

Welding, related processes and technologies

Standardization and product quality management

Technology and equipment for mechanical and physical-technical processing

Mechanical engineering technology

Technologies and machines for pressure processing

Machines, aggregates and processes

Hydraulic machines and hydropneumatics units

Wheeled and caterpillar vehicles

Heat engines

16.06.01-Physical and engineering sciences and technologies


Mechanics of deformable solids

Machines and devices, processes of refrigeration and cryogenic engineering, HVAC and life support systems

18.06.01-Chemical technology


Technology of electromechanical processes and corrosion protection

Processes and devices of chemical technologies

19.06.01-Industrial ecology and biotechnologies

Biotechnology (including bionanotechnologies)

20.06.01-Technospheric safety

Occupational safety and health

22.06.01-Materials technologies

Metallography and heat treatment of metals and alloys


Processing of metals by pressure

Materials science

27.06.01-Control in technical systems

Standardization and product quality management

Metrology and metrological support


Economics and management of national economy



Theory and history of law and the state; history of doctrines on the law and the state

Civil law; business law; family law; international law; private law

Constitutional law; constitutional litigation; municipal law

45.06.01-Linguistics and literary criticism

Germanic languages

Theory of language

46.06.01-Historical sciences and archeology

National history

47.06.01-Philosophy, ethics and religious studies

Ontology and theory of knowledge

Social philosophy








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