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Players of the Moscow Poly are World Champions in futsal
The Open Qualifying WorldSkills Championship at the Moscow Poly is over
Two silver medals were awarded for developments of the Moscow Poly at the IENA-2017 in Germany
Talented schoolchildren learnt at the Moscow Poly how to enter the university with their projects
The Moscow Poly students got awards of the WorldSkills Championship in Abu Dhabi
Say no to cybercrime: at the Moscow Poly and in Skolkovo it was shown how to protect information on the Internet
29 November 2017
Master classes, lectures and guided tours to laboratories were arranged on the Open Day
29 November 2017
Education of real future the teams will test their devices at The Engineering Start
24 November 2017
The Moscow Poly took part in a meeting on the project Locomotives of Growth
24 November 2017
About new horizons of professional training - at Global Education - 2017
24 November 2017
An international conference on economics was held at the Moscow Poly
22 November 2017
The Moscow Poly joined the Code of Bona Fide Practices
20 November 2017
Development of the basalt industry was discussed at the Moscow Poly
16 November 2017
Education for export: experience of the Moscow Poly
16 November 2017
A discussion in St Petersburg how to train manpower for the digital economy of the future
14 November 2017
A student of the Moscow Poly became a laureate of the Aleksandr Yezhevskiy National Award
14 November 2017
A profession-oriented project for schoolchildren The Dream University ended at the Moscow Poly
13 November 2017
A series of project sessions by the BMW company was held at the Moscow Poly
10 November 2017
The International Basalt Forum will be held at the Moscow Poly
7 November 2017
Engineering secrets of the Kremlin ruby stars
8 November 2017
An enlightening action Big Ethnographic Dictation was held at the Moscow Poly
24 October 2017
Free Dance Family world champions in hip-hop
30 October 2017
The Moscow Poly at the school Elevator to the Future
30 October 2017
The international specialized exhibition Technoforum-2017 is over
30 October 2017
The Open qualifying WorldSkills championship began at the Moscow Poly
26 October 2017
The Moscow Poly projects at the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi
24 October 2017
The Moscow Poly student projects were presented at the exhibition Education and Career
24 October 2017
At the SBI The Center for Youth Employment the issue of efficient employment for graduates was ...
23 October 2017
The Moscow Poly at the international forum Open Innovations
20 October 2017
At the Moscow Poly a computer is being taught to understand a man without words
19 October 2017
Modern technologies in mechanical engineering were discussed at the Schuler forum
18 October 2017
An agreement was signed with a JSC Prepreg-SKM
18 October 2017
The Moscow Poly presented a robot and a motor bike at the Moscow Day of Professional Orientation ...
17 October 2017
Over a thousand students of the Moscow Poly became participants of the carnival at the Festival o...
16 October 2017
The qualifying Intercollegiate WorldSkills Championship will be held at the Moscow Poly
12 October 2017
The Moscow Poly students took part in the The Day of the Roscosmos Student
6 October 2017
A Moscow Poly student is included in the Russian WorldSkills team
5 October 2017
Schoolchildren were taught soldering and drawing with 3D pens at the project The Dream Universit...
3 October 2017
The II Tutors School ended in Skolkovo
3 October 2017
An Open Day was held at the Moscow Poly
2 October 2017
The Moscow Poly at an international forum #EdCrunch2017
2 October 2017
Over 250 students came to the tourist rally in the Vladimir region
29 September 2017
An experimental laser headlamp has been made at the Moscow Poly
26 September 2017
The Moscow Poly concluded an agreement on cooperation with the University of Oviedo (Spain)
26 September 2017
FDR Moscow is the bronze prize-winner at the competition Formula Moscow
25 September 2017
MosPolytech became champion of Moscow Games
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